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Karine Harutyunyan, PhD

2001-2005 – Post-graduate: Asperanture of the Mathematical Methods and Models in the Economics Department (awarded degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences in 2006, equivalent of PhD) Subject of dissertation: "Modeling of Human Development and Economic Growth relations in Armenia"
1993- 1998 – Graduate: Department of Economical Cibernetics (Diploma of Excellency)


Since September 1998 – STATE UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS, YEREVAN, ARMENIA, Mathematical Methods and Models in the Economics Department, Lecturer(Key Subjects: Economic Modeling, Mathematical Economics)

Since January 2007 – TRAINING CENTER OF THE MINISTRY OF FINANCE, ESTABLISHED BY US TREASURY, YEREVAN, ARMENIA, Adviser, Trainer (Subject: Budgetary Process, Program Budgeting and Budget Execution)

May 2006- Feb 2012 – ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND RESEARCH CENTER, YEREVAN, ARMENIA, Consultant/Projects Coordinator
Relevant Projects:
• Nov 2010-Feb 2012 – "Trade Liberalization between EU and Armenia: A Poverty and Social Impact
• Analysis", UNDP, Expert
• Feb-Dec 2010 – "Armenian Economic Report 2010", Ministry of Economy and GTZ Coordinator of Trainings and Capacity Building Component
• May-June 2010 – "Databases analyst" training project, State Employment Service, UND, Adviser
• June, 2010 – "International Workshop on the Economic and Social Impact of Migration, Remittances and Diaspora", World Bank, Consultant
• June, 2009 – "Macro‐Economic Impacts of the Financial Crisis, Trends and Outlook in Armenia", UNDP World Food Programme, Consultant
• July-Dec 2009, "Gender responsive Budgeting in Armenia", UNIFEM, Project Director
• June-Dec 2008, "Evaluation of 2008 State Program on Implementation of The Post‐Membership Commitments of WTO", Ministry of Economy of RA, Expert
• Nov 2007-Jun 2008 – "Assessment of Financial Access and Usage of Financial Services in Armenia", USAID Financial Sector Deepening Project, (Emerging Markets Group, Ltd), Expert
• Sept-Dec 2006 – "Regional Technical Assistance on Remittances and Poverty in Central Asia and South Caucasus", Asian Development Bank (ADB), Consultant
• May 2006-May 2007 – "Economic Policy and Poverty" Periodical, Volume 3, USAID, Tax Improvement Program, Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc., Consultant

Sep 1997-Nov 2004 – MINISTRY OF FINANCE AND ECONOMY OF ARMENIA, YEREVAN, ARMENIA, MACROECONOMIC RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS DEPARTMENT, Chief Specialist (Preparation of Macroeconomic Analyses and Policy Notes; Contributions to the Ministry’s Annual Reports, and Annual Fiscal Policy, programs; Participation in Financial Programming and Economic Modeling; Evaluation of state of economic policy coordination; etc.)

Nov 1998-March 1999 – TACIS PROJECT AR 11. STRATEGIC POLICY ADVICE, YEREVAN, ARMENIA, Consultant (Review of Macroeconomic Situation, Analysis of Strategies, Policies and Commitments of Government, Developing Policy Matrixes by Sectors).

June-July 2001 – Joint Vienna Institute, Vienna, Austria – Course on "Advanced Macroeconomics and Financial Management" held by International Monetary Fund (certificate)
April, 1998 – Joint Vienna Institute, Vienna, Austria – Seminar on "Economic Forecasting" held by OECD (certificate)
June, 1999 – Yerevan State Institute of Economics, Yerevan, Armenia – Long‐term Modeling of Economy
Nov, 1997 – National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia – "Project Preparation and Economic Analysis" course held by OECD

• "EU‐Armenia Trade Liberalization: A Poverty and Social Impact Analysis", UNDP, PEP, EDRC, March 2012
• "Macroeconomic Framework of Armenia in 2009‐2013: Midterm Prospects in the Light of Global Developments", MoE, February 2010
• "Gender related Consequences of the Economic Crisis in Armenia", Armenian State Economic University’s Articles Collection of Scientific Session 2009
• "Economic Decline in Armenia for 2009", MoE, June 2009
• "Potential accessible markets of Armenian agricultural product ", Armenia social‐economic sustainable development issues, University named after Anania Shirakaci, Yerevan, 2009
• "Export barriers of Armenian agricultural products ", Hayastan: Finance & Economics, Yerevan, 2009
• "Remittances and Poverty in Armenia", EDRC & ADB, Yerevan 2008
• "Efficiency of the Policy in Graduate Education", EDRC, Yerevan May 2007, Mushegh Tumasyan, Karine Harutyunyan
• "Analysis of interconnection of human development and economic growth", Hayastan: Finance & Economics, Yerevan, 2009
• "The Russian Financial Crisis. It’s Reasons and Consequences’’. The Thesises of the 14‐th scientific conference of the professorial staff and aspirants, Yerevan State Institute of National Economy, "Tntesaget", Yerevan – 1999
• "Essay of Financial Programming", The Thesises of the 13‐th scientific conference of the professorial staff and aspirants, Yerevan State Institute of National Economy, "Tntesaget", Yerevan – 1998